Reduction of operational costs with sustainable bioreactor for waste stream cleaning

An industrial customer of Orvion has a residual flow from the process that is currently being processed in a conventional manner. The released material can be reused in the production process, but must be cleaned beforehand.

Orvion has determined with ORVI biotest that by dosing a suitable bacterial population, the residual flow can be cleaned in a biological and sustainable way with an efficiency of more than 90%. Cleaning with an on-site bioreactor is now in sight.

In addition to technical feasibility, financial feasibility has also been investigated. Our first estimate is that processing the residual flow is feasible at lower operational costs. A sustainable and financially attractive alternative to existing cleaning. The follow-up phase, a larger test with a pilot installation, is in preparation.

If you would like to know whether processing waste and residual flows can be done more sustainably and at lower operational costs, please contact Marc van Bemmel.

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