Orvion WeLIMS with Client Portal now online!

Orvion is pleased to announce that we have partnered with ML Consulting Technologies LLC (MLCT), a US based software company, for the development and the installation of our new LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). WeLIMS (www.welims.com) has been selected because of their flexible technology and the customer approach.

“The way we manage the samples is very specific to us” says Marc, the CEO of Orvion, “and MLCT was able to match very closely the way we currently work. This allows us to integrate this new tool seamlessly into our growing workflow. We are working to further automate our qPCR workflow, thus, using WeLIMS is an important step in this process”.

The new system has a lot of interests:

– No more double entries: Once the data is in the system, it can be found and printed anywhere it is needed.

– Collaborate: We can be several persons entering data in the system directly. Clients can create new orders, while others are printing COA. That’s going to save us a lot of time.

– Traceability: Every action is traced and available in the system logs. We can go back in the system and see who entered this specific data and when. It makes life so much easier to track typo errors or other mistakes.

From 2023 onwards, customers will be able to enter their orders by themselves directly. WeLIMS integrates a customer portal that allows Orvion’s customers to create and manage their orders, and download the results of their previous orders and projects. Customers will also be able to request sample bottles directly in the customer portal.

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