Measuring antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is seen as one of the greatest threats to public health. More than 25,000 people in Europe already die each year as a result of this. Often these people are already seriously ill. But also young healthy people increasingly end up in hospital as a result of infections, such as cystitis, caused by bacteria that are resistant to several antibiotics.
The role of WWTPs within the antibiotic resistance problem is often discussed. Is a WWTP an effective barrier that can be optimized to stop resistant bacteria? Or are they more likely to pose a threat because they may contribute to the development and spread of resistant bacteria? The WHO is working to increase awareness of this risk in the water sector.
With an ORVI decode analysis you measure all types of genes involved in ABR in your water treatment. So not only of the disease-causing pathogens, but also of the species that pose no threat, but that do contribute to ABR. For more information, please contact Aleida de Vos.

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