Eutrophication and blue algae

Did you know that blue algae pose a threat to human and animal health?

Have you ever seen blue-green trails on surface waters like ponds, lakes, and canals? If yes, have you observed the bloom of cyanobacteria and other blue-green algae.

Blue-green algae produce toxins that have the potential to cause cancer and harm both human and animal health.

These organisms are expanding worldwide, due to eutrophication of water bodies and climate change, posing a challenge for water security.

Water bodies can be contaminated even when blooming is not obvious.
This exposes humans, animals and livestock to the risk of poisoning that can happen by ingestion, if the water has been used for agricultural or drinking purposes, or by contact with the skin, for example while swimming.

How to ensure safe water usage?

At Orvion, we develop and provide technology for quick, accurate and long-term water monitoring, to avoid and control these kinds of health issues.

Our technologies can be used to:
– monitoring the presence and quantity of blue algae
– preventing unwanted exposure to their toxins
– planning actions for blooms containment

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