Water Treatment

More insight into the microbiology of water purification is the game changer for the water purification of the future. After all, it is the micro-organisms that clean the water!

Biological water purification has been used effectively for many years. The key processes are:

  • Nitrogen Removal: Nitrification, Anammox, Denitrification
  • Removal of particles and pathogens
  • Biological Phosphate Removal
  • Sludge Settlement

The biological nitrogen cycle is of great importance for water treatment, because organic and inorganic nitrogen (ammonium, nitrate) must be removed. This process consists of several steps; During nitrification, ammonium is converted into nitrate. Subsequently, the nitrate formed is converted into nitrogen gas in the denitrification process. Nitrification is a sensitive process that can be easily disrupted, for example by toxic components in the waste water to be treated. Under specific conditions, emissions of nitrous oxide (a strong greenhouse gas) can occur. With ORVIdecode NGS we map the entire bacterial population and the biological key processes. With the ASP dashboard, the biological data is combined with process data, so that processes can be optimally controlled or adjusted. We expect that in due course it will be possible to avoid and reduce unnecessary emissions through regular monitoring of the metagenome of the sludge with ORVIde code NGS.

ORVIdecode NGS also collects data on: thread-forming microorganisms (important for sludge formation and settling), biological phosphate removal, pathogens, antibiotic resistance.

We combine this big data from water treatment in the ASP dashboard with all your process data. With powerful statistical tools and tools to establish correlations between process parameters and microbiology, you have really mastered water treatment for the first time!

In addition to DNA techniques, we also perform classical tests in our lab, such as respiration and degradation tests. You can find more information about this on the ORVIbiotest page.

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Water Treatment

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