Water quality

Measuring micro-organisms in water offers opportunities to monitor water quality. DNA detection technology such as qPCR makes it possible to gain fast and accurate insight.

Measure, for example, whether there is faecal contamination and, if so, from which animal this comes; whether pathogens are present in drinking water wells or bathing water, or whether contamination occurs in industrial process water.

Natural purification of (waste) water or WWTP effluent is increasingly being used in helophyte filters and water harmonicas. With DNA techniques, the efficiency of these treatment methods can be excellently determined.

Antibiotic resistance genes can be determined using ORVIdecode NGS techniques. This makes it possible to investigate which sources are available for the spread of antibiotic resistance and how the spread can be prevented or reduced.

ORVIdecode NGS on DNA or RNA can be used to determine the effect of calamities and discharges on the microbial ecology of surface water.

ORVIdetect qPCR techniques can quickly determine whether pathogens such as Leptospira (causative agent of Leptospirosis; Weill’s disease) are present in the water. Faecal organisms in sludge can also be effectively identified, so that it is known whether the sludge can be put aside without any risks.

All these applications indicate that DNA techniques can be used extremely usefully throughout the entire water chain.

The major advantages of ORVIdetect qPCR over conventional culture techniques are:

  • Speed
  • Specificity
  • Multiple analyzes on the same sample possible
  • Widely applicable
  • Simple logistics (preservation possible, refrigeration not necessary)
  • DNA extracts can be stored, allowing for later (re)analysis

Our ambition is to make DNA techniques more and more available to you on site and locally. Water quality analyzes can be performed by us (ORVIdetect qPCR and/or ORVIdecode NGS) or you can perform them independently, flexibly and locally with Orvion Udetect®

In addition to performing water quality analyses, our experts can interpret and report the results or provide you with advice.

Contact Connor de Adelhart Toorop to discuss options.

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