Biological cycles

“Let nature do the job“. We use natural processes to clean residual flows, soil, waste water and air. Our goal is to design, build and operate the most sustainable and financially best technology for you. In our view, sustainable technology can only work if you also have an operational advantage.

In our lab we carry out tests with residual flows to find out to what extent these can be biologically degraded or biologically upgraded and what the best approach is.

Through fermentation, organic residual flows can be converted into, for example, organic acids or alcohols. We carry out fermentation tests to determine feasibility.

By adding specific bacterial strains (bioaugmentation), processes such as biodigestion (production of methane from organic waste streams) can be further optimized. We perform fermentation tests to determine the methane yield and to determine the effectiveness of bioaugmentation.

Through composting, all kinds of residual flows can be reused as fertile compost.

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Soil contamination

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