ORVIdetect – qPCR

Orvion’s qPCR specialists develop and validate qPCR analyses, which we offer as a laboratory service and via our flexible qPCR platform Orvion Udetect®.

ORVIdetect-qPCR analyzes use the qPCR technique in which micro-organisms are detected and quantified on the basis of the genetic material (DNA). More information about our qPCR analysis procedure can be found here.

This table contains an overview of the currently available analyses.

Orvion designs and validates new ORVIdetect analyzes in-house, for which we have developed primer design software. If your desired analysis is not on the list, please contact Connor de Adelhart Toorop to discuss the possibilities.

Request an annual contract now and get access to our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) where you can view prices, create assignments and order sampling material. Request a quote directly via us contact form.

Existing customers can log in directly through our customer portal.

Ecology (eDNA)

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Step 1 Quotation

The first step is to request an annual contract for ORVIdetect-qPCR using the contact form. We will send you a quotation within 24 hours on working days. We give interesting discounts for larger numbers of samples. After your acceptance of the quotation or framework agreement, we will send you the login details for our online customer portal. If desired, we also immediately make an online appointment to give a short introduction to the customer portal. You can request sampling bottles via the customer portal.

Step 2 Sampling

Once you have received the bottles, you can take the samples yourself. We also send the sampling protocol with the bottles. The vials contain a preservative (non-flammable and harmless) so that the samples do not need to be refrigerated after sampling or during transport and can be returned to us by regular mail. You can register the samples in the online customer portal and select the desired analyzes by creating a new order. When this order is confirmed, the lab will perform the analyzes for you.

Step 3 Analysis

After receipt of the samples by Orvion, we will send a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. Communication about the progress of the analyzes is via biolab@orvion.nl.

Step 4 Certificate

You will receive the analysis results digitally within five working days, in PDF format.