ORVIdecode – NGS

With ORVIdecode Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) we map the biodiversity in a sample. This is done by reading (“sequencing”) the DNA or RNA from the sample. All known bacteria, archaea, yeasts, fungi, flora and fauna can be mapped. This offers unprecedented possibilities in the field of water treatment , soil remediation and biological cycles.

Examples of themes and projects in which we apply ORVIdecode NGS are, for example: Active Sludge Profiling (ASP) in WWTPs, measuring antibiotic resistance, demonstrating natural degradation of soil contaminants with Genetic Plume Profiling (GPP) and identifying contamination in industry. Contact us to discuss your specific use case.

With an ORVIdecode analysis, large amounts of data are released. We process the data in clear, interactive files that give you insight into the composition of biodiversity. To discover the key parameters (the most important micro-organisms for example), we use Bio-IT tools to compare data sets, perform correlation studies and understand the active processes. Once the key parameters have been identified, your process can be monitored and improved accordingly.

Water Treatment

Soil contamination

Biological cycles

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Step 1 Quotation

The first step is to request a quote for ORVIdecode NGS using the contact form. Specify the type of samples you want to analyze, for which application and the number of samples you want to analyze. We will send you a quote within 24 hours on working days. We offer interesting discounts for larger numbers of samples. It is also possible to conclude a framework agreement for one calendar year. After your acceptance of the quotation or framework agreement, we will send sampling material by post.

Step 2 Sampling

When you have received the bottles, you can take the samples yourself. We also send the sampling protocol with the bottles. The bottles contain a preservative (non-flammable and harmless) so that the samples do not have to be refrigerated after sampling or during transport and can be returned to us by regular mail. The sampling material contains a sample registration form with which the samples are processed in our lab.

Step 3 Analysis

After receipt of the samples by Orvion, we will send a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. Communication about the progress of the analyzes is via biolab@orvion.nl.

Step 4 Certificate and interactive file

Within 10 to 15 working days you will receive the analysis results digitally, in the form of an interactive file. It is possible to receive additional interpretation of the results, prepared by our specialists. Please indicate this when requesting the quote.