ORVIaugment – bacterial cultures

By adding a high concentration of specific bacterial culture to contaminated water, biological degradation is accelerated. This principle is called bioaugmentation and is applicable to both soil remediation and biological water treatment.

We have several ORVIaugment bacterial cultures in stock, such as for the anaerobic degradation of the chlorinated components: PER, TRI, CIS and VC (ORVIaugment DHC culture), for methanol and for heavy oil. We develop new or tailor-made bacterial cultures, such as for the degradation of plant protection products and for the degradation of MTBE.

With ORVIdetect-qPCR analyzes we measure the effect of our ORVIaugment cultures when applied in practice. Where do the bacteria end up? Do they grow or do they wash out? This way you are assured of an effective result.

Water Treatment

Soil contamination

Biological cycles

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Step 1 Quotation

The first step is to request a quote for ORVIaugment using the contact form. Indicate which type of contamination you want to break down, how many liters you need, what the required density is (numbers of cells per ml) and whether you collect the culture from us or whether it must be delivered (indicate place and date). The minimum order is 10 liters; however customization for smaller quantities is possible depending on your demand. The bacterial cultures are supplied in an anaerobic transport bag as standard. We will send you a quote within 24 hours on working days. We offer interesting discounts for larger orders.

Step 2 Prepare culture

After your acceptance of the quotation, we will prepare the cultivation within the agreed delivery period. For ORVIaugment DHC culture, delivery is usually possible within one week. Prior to delivery, we determine the actual density of the culture using ORVIdetect qPCR. If the density is lower than expected, we compensate for this by providing a proportionally larger volume.

Step 3 Delivery

The culture is collected from Orvion in Stolwijk or delivered to a specific location. Communication about the progress of the delivery is via biolab@orvion.nl. Upon delivery, you will receive the delivery and tightness certificate, in PDF.

Step 4 Application

If desired, Orvion can advise on the application of the culture. We have a lot of experience with biological techniques and the application of bio-augmentation. We can also prepare the design for a biological approach based on bioaugmentation. If you wish, we will be happy to discuss the options with you.