About us

An enthusiastic team of experts: that is Orvion. Professionals with knowledge, vision and decisiveness will make your biological project a success. Solving real problems with sustainable and affordable biotechnology, that is our drive. Quality is in people, which is why job satisfaction is so important to us. We like to work closely with experts and professionals in companies, knowledge institutions and universities worldwide. We contribute in podcasts, articles and publications. In this way we build on the knowledge in our field.

Sharing knowledge is important; Applying new scientific knowledge is just as important. Orvion fulfills a bridging function between science and practice. We are committed to making new biological discoveries available in real-world situations as quickly as possible. This means that we have to look for two languages: that of science and that of practice. We are committed to this and we have the ambition to be among the top in our area of activity (the water and environmental sector).


We want to get to know and understand the fascinating world of bacteria and micro-organisms better. We are convinced that this will help us to improve water quality, to clean soils and to use raw materials more effectively and sustainably. It is our mission to propagate and realize this in our products and services: Let nature do the job!